SensAbility is the teaching clinic of Atlanta School of Massage and Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics
Atlanta School of MassageAtlanta Institute of Aesthetics
SensAbility is the teaching clinic of Atlanta School of Massage & Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics

Sustainability Initiatives

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As a Silver Sponsor of the Green Spa Network, Atlanta School of Massage promotes and cultivates the vital connections between personal well-being, economic sustainability, and the health of our planet.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability is the potential for long-term maintenance of wellbeing, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions.

Sustainable Business Practices

The spa industry typically utilizes environmental resources for a wide array of water-based treatments, laundry services and disposable items used in spa services making it a major consumer of water, energy, and natural resources. Adopting green practices reduces environmental impact, water and energy costs and raises environmental awareness.

We have taken the first steps towards lowering our environmental footprint in the following areas: energy conservation, water conservation, water quality, waste management, spa protocols and retail products.

Atlanta School of Massage has made the following improvements

Spa Leadership: As a Silver Sponsor of GSN, Atlanta School of Massage has pledged to support the development, enhancement and refinement of the Green Spa Toolkit and SAT (Sustainability Assessment Tool).

Spa Protocols: The esthetics program adopted a new all natural, non- toxic skin care line, Lotus Moon, which is healthy for people and the environment. Sacred Earth Botanicals is our exclusive product line adopted into our massage program and clinic.

Retail Products:

  • Comphy microfiber linens are designed to conserve water and reduce energy costs while maximizing comfort and durability.

  • 100% Pure Bath and Body products are made only with the highest quality, organic nutrients for your skin. 100% Pure formulas are all cruelty free and vegan. No artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, toxic preservatives, or any other unsafe ingredients.

  • Lotus Moon formulations involve careful selection and combination of ingredients found in nature and the latest in scientific, ‘green’, organic and natural ingredient technologies in order to achieve the best possible end-result. Products are Petrochemical Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, and Phthalate-Free. Lotus Moon has a commitment to manufacturing products in a gentle manner to preserve the integrity of the natural ingredients using ecologically sound and cruelty-free practices.

  • Sacred Earth Botanicals utilizes certified organic ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging. Their massage products have been thoughtfully developed with the health of the therapist, client, and the environment in mind.

Waste: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

  • Recycle approximately 576 lbs. of aluminum, 1215 lbs. of plastic and 6327 lbs. of cardboard and paper annually.   

  • Reusable water bottles were given to all staff members.

  • New carpet purchased for SensAbility™ made of recycled materials and old carpet was recycled.

  • Marketing materials printed on paper with the highest amount of post-consumer recycled content available and printed with vegetable based non-toxic inks.

  • The SensAbility™ furnishings purchased are made of renewable woods and soy-based foam and fibers instead of petroleum based foam.

Laundry: Use only non-toxic laundry detergent.

Water Usage: Installed 40 low flow aerators on sink faucets reducing water usage by 30%.


  • Timers placed on 3 heat therapy devices which reduces energy used by 25-30%.

  • Replaced approximately 100 l incandescent light bulbs with CFL’s, reducing energy and costs for lighting by 80%.

Water Quality: Purchased 3 water coolers, each containing a 3-stage filter which eliminates chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, parasites and over sixty different harmful chemicals.

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